Secrets of Friedrich Lüling


Friedrich Lüling has presented two of his Inventions in the UFA Newsreel 498 in 1966.
These two so called Lüling Motors are supposed to be Magnet driven Engines. Even If
we see only one of his two Engines running, it is implied that both of it are capable of running
by its own. There is little to nothing really known about the Person itself nor the details
about the mechanics, the tech and the Physics.

I started my own private Research-Study about Mr. Friedrich Lüling, his Motors and its feasibility. It took
my over a Year to get a much higher Scan (almost 4K) of a 35mm UFA Newsreel Copy from the
German Federal Archives Bundesarchive.

I've managed to get a Permission to work with this Footage for my research and keep it public by preserving
the Copyrights from the Bundesarchive. Unfortunately they are no Metadata available that could proof if
the Person was Real or Fake. But the High Resolution Black and White Footage revealed some details
we have never seen before. This Project will be a collection of these Findings that will grow over time.
In order to create an identically base of information's, the 4K Footage is available as a Video and its Frames.

This is also a call for the People to search, find, identify, reveal, verify, falsify more details and Secrets of Friedrich Lüling.

Credits and Special Thanks


As soon as you start watching the 4K Footage, you will probably find new
Details you've never noticed before. Combined with provided Frames from that
Footage, you will dive deeper and deeper into the Magnet Engines of Mr. Lüling.

If you find something you would like to add, please consider opening a new Issue
on GitHub, or posting into this thread. The same thing applies, If you've found
an issue of the already provided secrets or answers. In any case, please back-up your claims
with sufficient details and evidence, such as Frames, Historical Data or other comprehensible sources.

Video Data

Audio Codec MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Language German
Channels Stereo
Sample Rate  48000 Hz
Bits per Sample 32
Video Codec H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)
Resolution 3840x2160
Time Duration
Frame Rate 24
Extracted Frames 2752
01_INTRO 0000 - 0480
02_P-PLAN 0481 - 0546
03_TYPE_4x4_MOTOR_NO.3 0547 - 0832
04_INTERVIEW 0833 - 1112
05_IMPROVED_MOTOR 1113 - 1220
06_INTERVIEW 1221 - 1340
07_IMPROVED_MOTOR 1341 - 1425
08_INTERVIEW 1426 - 1583
09_TYPE_4x4_MOTOR_NO.3 1584 - 2003
10_INTERVIEW 2004 - 2156
11_HAMBURG 2157 - 2398
12_IMPROVED_MOTOR 2399 - 2474
13_TYPE_4x4_MOTOR_NO.3 2475 - 2545
14_OUTRO 2546 - 2751
Content - Size
MKV approx. 7 GB
FRAMES JPG approx. 12 GB


By Default I am referring always to the Lüling Motor that we can actually see running, Mr. Lüling calls it the Test Motor.
If not, it will be explicit mentioned, i.e. with the improved Motor...

(Un)answered Questions and Secrets

Which Type of Magnet is used?
According to Apex Magnets - Magnets Over the Last 100 Years: From AlNiCo to Neodymium
Between the 1950s and 1970s, "ferrite magnets began outselling AlNiCo magnets in the 1960s".
Due to their similar color appearance in dark grey, it is not possible to distinguish, from a B/W Footage,
between both types. But furthermore in the Article it is said, Ferrite magnets are extremely brittle,
so they couldn’t (and still can’t) be machined. Therefore it is very likely Mr. Lüling was using AlNiCo magnets.
This is also backed up to his own statement during the Interview from 00'41'', as he claims that he was already able
to neutralize Magnets since 1954.
What is the Magnet or rather the Magnet-System? From 00'47'' he explains, that the rotating Armature (Anker) is attracted from the "Magnetsystem".
A single Magnet is not mentioned once from him.
The Frames 0753 - 0832 and 1856 - 1896 are showing the just explained process.
Frame 1892: (un)marked
In Frame 1892, we are seeing one of four Chambers. In Green marked, we can see 3-Blocks.
In Red marked, on Top and on the Bottom of the 3-Blocks, are two arc shaped Metal Plates.
The upper Arc is swinging back and forth, three more of these Arcs, four in total, are mounted on one
round Metal Bar to swing simultaneously.
These two Arcs covering the 3-Blocks forming together the "Magnetsystem".
Due to the dark grey appearance, the 1st and the 3rd Block are very likely the actually Magnets.
What defines the Motor as 4x4?
Frame 0547: Lüling Motor Type 4x4 Motor Nr. 3 Baujahr 1962

Frame 0655: (un)marked

In Frame 0655, we can see a very similar to identical Setup on the opposing side of the
swinging Arcs. But instead of swinging, they are not only standing still, the upper Arc
is even parked away in a fixed Position. The underside is clearly visible, also its radiused shape.

Frame 2537: (un)marked

The Frames 2475 - 2545 are showing one Chamber, almost from the inside. It is demonstrating
while the Arcs are sitting on the 3-Blocks, the Armature can pass. But in order to display this
remarkable view, one Arc needs to be opened and parked away, in order to open the view
for the Camera. This would led to have the "Magnetsystem" open, or rather in a not neutralized
State, so the Armature wouldn't be able to pass. To avoid this, an empty Arc is placed on the 3-Blocks.
  We can clearly see that groove, that is supposed to hold the Arm, which is attached to the Bar.

Frame 0866: (un)marked

In Frame 0866, in the lower right corner, we can see a part of Mr. Lülings technical Drawing.
This shape shows a bearing shell of a swinging Metal Bar. Also seen in Frame 0655, marked in Blue.

Frame 0897: (un)marked

A couple Frames later, in 0897, we can see almost the entire Drawing. If we zoom into that section,
  we can clearly recognize 4 times this bearing shell, and 4 times a rectangular shape, plus a middle
hole for the main axle. These rectangular shapes represent the places that can hold the 3-Blocks.
And the bearing shell represent the place to hold 4 Metal Bars.

Frame 1675: (un)marked

In Frame 1675, 3 of the 4 Metal Bars can be seen. The 4th one is covered by the Flywheel.

Conclusion: Mr. Lüling's own drawings, backed up with a lot of visual details in the footage,
are showing a symmetrical design of his Motor(s).
In one Chamber, two T-shaped Armatures are forming one Rotor.
For each Armature, there is one Set of 3-Blocks with 2 moveable Arcs,
a lower and an upper Arc.
Makes in total, 4 swinging Arcs in 4 Chambers. -> Type 4x4 Motor
Did he used friction or ball bearings? In the Frames 0655 - 0682 , Blue marked, we can clearly see that he used open caged ball bearings.
What is written on his Drawings?
Frame 0836: (un)cropped
In Frame 0836, we can see a snippet of his Drawings. The Name of this Drawing is "Stirnplatte",
along with a Date, which I can't read, a scale M1:2,5
and right below "ZCHNGS. NR. M-2-3"
ZCHNGS. NR. is short and stands for "Zeichnungs Nummer", the Drawing No.
But more important, we can clearly see, that where all the other Information, like
Name and Company etc., are supposed to be, it is covered with a piece of Paper.

Frame 0856: (un)cropped

In Frame 0856, we can see another snippet of his Drawings. The Name of this Drawing is "Anker",
along with a Date 15.6.62 , the scale M1:2,5
and right below "ZCHNGS. NR. M-4-3"
And again, we can clearly see, that crucial Information are covered with a piece of Paper.

Why would he do that?
We do have some theories about this, which are quite reasonable, logic and far less dramatic than usual.
But here is not the place to put them, the Forum is.
In which direction does the Armature spin?

What is Mr. Lülings Definition of Magnetic Neutralization?

What is written on other Type Plates?
Did he used Electricity to run his Motor?